Activities to burn calories to do on vacation

Doing activities to burn calories on vacation is easy, all you need is a little imagination. Summer is synonymous with fun, it’s a time when you can be tempted to eat everything in front of you, but you can also avoid gaining weight by practicing creative activities.


Holidays are made for resting and disconnecting, but doing a little sport at your vacation spot will guarantee you a benefit for the health, whether you’ve been training all year or not. The truth is, now is a good time to reap the benefits of being somewhere with a new landscape to explore, doing activities that keep you entertained and at the same time burn calories to stay fit and healthy. in good health.

Depending on your holiday destination: beach, countryside, mountain or city, here are options for sports activities that you never thought you could do.


Take advantage of the sea to practice water sports, or the resistance of the sand to add a dose of difficulty to your fitness program.

Here are some activities.

Swim in the sea

Swimming in a calm and carefree way is a low impact activity, you don’t need to be an expert because with any movement, be it slow or fast, you will have an aerobic routine that will tone your whole body: it works the back, the shoulders, the arms, the middle zone (abdominal, lumbar and paravertebral) and the legs. In addition, the sea offers some resistance, so the effort is greater, which allows you to spend between 500 and 1000 calories per hour.


Surfing is also one of the most complete exercises there is. It activates the whole body and burns calories thanks to the resistance of the sea.

Play frisbee

Playing frisbee not only allows fun with friends, but also strengthens all muscles. By practicing this activity for about 30 minutes, you will burn 300 calories.

Play paddle/beach racquetball

A beach classic. This shared exercise burns between 400 and 500 calories per hour and provides a full body workout: joints, legs, spine, waist, shoulders, arms. In addition, it increases body power, improves muscle tone and is an ally of your heart thanks to its aerobic component.

Walking or jogging on the sand

Walking or jogging on the beach will help you burn calories, tone your muscles and work on your endurance. A one hour walk burns between 300 and 500 calories, while jogging burns between 600 and 1000 calories per hour.


Enjoy an outdoor fitness session and take advantage of nature’s obstacles to intensify your cardio. If you are traveling with children, there are many activities and games for children that will allow you to burn calories, tone your body.

Trekking (hiking):

A sport that allows you to enjoy a healthy environment while doing physical exercise. With this activity you can burn between 100/200 kcal. in one hour of exercise. You can also do it with a group of friends to enjoy it more.


Unlike the trekking, hiking is a more relaxing activity and, although it also presents various difficulties, its main objective is to connect people with the natural environment and rural areas and cultures. This activity allows you to burn between 300 and 400 calories in a session of 90 minutes.

Resistance bands in nature

TRX (resistance bands) in nature This device allows us to hang it n’ anywhere: swing, tree or other, provided it is a stable surface. In addition to muscle work, you can burn between 90 and 200 calories per hour of exercise.


Take advantage of the hotel’s gym if you spend your holidays there, or do activities on the tarmac to boost your sports routine.


Cycling in the city can be fun and tone your muscles.

Tennis or padel

Take your racquet and play with a friend or neighbour. Running all over the court gives your body an aerobic exercise and hitting the ball works your arms. Do this for at least 45 minutes.

Long Walks

Whether you’re in your city or somewhere new, go for a long walk.

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