DEWA utilizes AI for improved efficiency operations in water networks

DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) has reportedly used AI to develop various innovations to improve operational efficiency in Dubai’s water network to monitor cyberattacks, leaks, and faults, and repair them immediately after isolating them.

Based on sensor data, these solutions can predict malfunctions in pumps and smart meters. Besides, they can also automate those notifications which are sent to the customers if there is a water leak on their premises.

Notably, DEWA has been consistent in reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide, along with maintaining its top position, as it performs better than major American and European utilities in various key indicators.

In 2021, the water network loss percentage was reduced to 5.3 %, while in North America, it remained at 15%, making it one of the lowest rates worldwide. This enhanced DEWA’s position among the top utilities in the world.

The MD and CEO of DEWA, Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer stated that DEWA is trying to reshape the concept of utility through its digital arm, the Digital DEWA, to become the world’s first digital utility with autonomous system, for renewable energy storage, while increasing the use of digital services and AI.

Among DEWA’s most prominent innovations (all of which use AI to augment water network efficiency), is “iService” which uses metre diagnostics data to identify interruptions in services and automatically begin rectification procedures. The others include smart meter notifications-based fraud detection and meter tampering, and the Hydronet project, which DEWA has successfully innovated to use Deep Learning and AI to remotely control and monitor Dubai’s water network.

It is worth noting that this project can be amalgamated with any SCADA system, to provide insights into the current network. Besides, barring any human intervention, it is capable of fixing water leaks within seconds, thus enhancing the efficiency of pipe isolation and water network.

At Ideas America 2020, this project won the award of Silver Team Idea of the Year.

In addition, DEWA, under the Smart Response initiative, also provides High-Water Usage Alert. This assists customers to identify leakages within water connections. In case, there is an unusual increase in water consumption, users are also warned with text messages.

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