Facelift: how to get a natural result?

The skin of the face takes on the marks of aging over the years. It loses its elasticity, relaxes and forms wrinkles, furrows, jowls, etc., which can sometimes lead to complexes. With the cervico-facial lift, it is now possible to rejuvenate the face and delay skin aging. If advances in aesthetic medicine and surgery make it possible to restore the beauty of the skin in general, the rendering may be different from one practitioner to another. Discover how to obtain a natural and lasting result by having a facelift.

Choose a qualified surgeon for a tailor-made facelift

The facelift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that corrects sagging skin on the face and neck. The lifting tightens the tissues to eliminate the effects of sagging skin due to age in order to rework the oval of the face without modifying the features. It is intended for people who have visible defects caused by facial sagging such as jowls, wrinkles, deepening of furrows, etc. Interventions fall into two categories. The rapid facelift corrects moderate disgraces and the extended facelift treats faces in a state of advanced aging. Depending on the condition of the facial tissues, the specialist chooses the type of operation that is appropriate.

For the smooth running of the intervention, it is necessary to choose the practitioner carefully. To find out what you need to know about the face and neck lift, its objective and the expected results, ask a recognized cosmetic surgeon. It is a complex intervention that must be carried out by a competent and experienced professional. Each person has specific facial features. The surgeon offers a tailor-made treatment after an in-depth analysis. Prefer a practitioner registered with the order of doctors. Check the degree of success of his previous interventions. Go to his office to obtain authentic evidence to ensure that he has the necessary competence and experience to carry out the intervention successfully. The impression you have during the first contact should guide you in your choice.

Combine facelift and neck lift to preserve facial mobility

In cosmetic surgery, the search for harmony is a major concern. To be successful, the facelift must take into account both the face and the neck. An intervention with excellent technical accuracy, but which does not take into account the face as a whole, will not be able to offer a satisfactory result. The surgeon must worry about both the technical and aesthetic success of his intervention. For this, its analysis takes into account all areas of the face: the top, the middle part and the lower part.

The objective is not to treat each zone, but to make an overall analysis to ensure the most natural result possible. However, it may be necessary to touch certain parts specifically to ensure the success of the procedure. In this case, the professional offers the client additional surgery or aesthetic medicine. The cervicofacial lift beautifies and refreshes the entire face without transforming the natural expression of the face. The patient’s entourage must simply observe a natural rejuvenation.

Tightening the tissues of the oval of the face and leaving those of the neck does not make it possible to preserve the mobility of the face. The patient’s face will look frozen, which is not the desired result. This is why it is essential to treat the neck and the face simultaneously so as not to create a gap between the two areas. The cervico-facial lift manages to give a natural result thanks to the efficiency and safety of the surgical techniques used.

Face lift: innovative techniques for a harmonious rendering

Each patient has specific characteristics. The cervico-facial facelift must allow everyone to be treated on a case-by-case basis. A patient with moderate signs of aging does not need the same treatment as one with more advanced wrinkles. It is therefore necessary to precisely define the type of facelift that adapts to the client’s conditions. This is essential to obtain an aesthetic and effective finish. Thanks to modern techniques, the facelift makes it possible to make the scars inherent in any surgical intervention less visible and to shorten the recovery time.

The mini-facelift and neck

The face and neck mini-lift is a localized operation to correct the beginning of sagging of the oval of the face. It helps to remove moderate jowls, less extensive cervical baleen and moderate sagging neck. The mini-facelift promotes a natural and harmonious result. The procedure removes the signs of aging early. It relies on a moderate detachment of the epidermis. The intervention focuses more on the muscle component than on the skin. This is to re-tension the muscles that are attached to the dermis. At the same time, the skin of the face regains its original place and a rejuvenated appearance. Because the peeling of the skin is mild, the mini-facelift offers a shorter recovery time.

The short scar face lift or MACS lift

The facelift with short scars is an intervention which allows to straighten a sagging of the oval of the face accompanied by a moderate relaxation of the neck and the cheekbones. Fast and effective, it helps to avoid scars behind the ear. The MACS lift is intended for patients with moderate sagging of the face. It is based on an act of essentially vertical traction in order to put the sagging areas back in place. The principle of the MACS lift is to perform a slight detachment under the skin to access the facial muscles. Then, the surgeon performs three non-absorbable sutures on the muscle. These in the form of loops make it possible to tighten the neck, the jowls and the cheekbone to remove the excesses.

To avoid creating an excess in the neck, the surgeon proceeds to the vertical pulling of the skin. The facial muscles are re-draped, without causing a scar behind the ear or in the hair. This technique generates a short and discreet scar, which allows for a more aesthetic result. Simple and faster than the classic facelift, the MACS lift offers a shorter recovery time and does not disturb the sensitivity of the ear.

Lipo-lifting of the face and neck

To obtain an aesthetic result, the specialists combine several interventions. This is the case of lipo-lifting, a technique that aims to treat the oval of the face and the central part. It combines cervico-facial lipofilling, lifting and liposuction for a perfectly harmonious and natural look. The principle of lipo-lifting is based on three complementary interventions. The first allows, thanks to the face and neck lift, to tighten the oval of the face and to remove excess skin. The second intervention (liposuction) consists of removing fat deposits to correct the appearance of the chin, neck and cheeks. The third intervention is lipofilling. The latter consists of reinjecting the fat taken from the patient in certain specific parts of the face:

  • cheekbones,
  • dark circles,
  • eyebrows,
  • temples,

    lips, etc.

  • The lipo-lifting technique therefore plays on the skin and on the fatty component. It allows you to reshape the face as a whole by degreasing certain areas for the benefit of others, to restructure the reliefs and offer a more youthful appearance. The neck lift completes the other procedures to ensure a perfect result. It consists of peeling off the skin around the neck to tighten it. The surgeon removes the excesses by removing excess fat. Rejuvenating the face in a natural way without displaying too visible signs or undergoing a long healing period is possible thanks to face lifting. This requires choosing a competent cosmetic surgeon who will be able to find the technique that suits your features.

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