Here is the most difficult mathematical riddle on the web!!! Can you solve it?

The logical challenges are known to everyone, some of them are shared on the web between users with the same passions and contribute to making a viral post.

is what happens with challenges like the one we bring to you today, allowing you to test your intelligence and intuition at home.

A brain of mathematicians: a specific brain?

You may know this, but the ability to understand mathematics is studied by science. Researchers have indeed wondered if math teachers and arithmetic geniuses could be born with a biological advantage?

To explore this possibility, a study sought to determine whether a person’s math skills were associated with levels of two key neurotransmitters involved in learning. Cognitive neuroscientists from the University of Oxford in the UK examined levels of GABA and glutamate in the brain to see if these neurotransmitters could predict future math abilities. GABA and glutamate are two natural amino acids that play complementary roles: the first inhibits or reduces the activity of neurons or nerve cells in the brain, while the second makes them more active. Their levels fluctuate throughout life.

This combination made the experiment really interesting because the scientists were able to see how GABA and glutamate are involved in a complex cognitive skill that takes years to mature like math skill. Researchers not only found a link, but also found that levels of these neurotransmitters change as children grow into adults. This research was published in the journal PLOS Biology.

Easy isn’t it?

Come on, over to you to play! Concentrate and try to challenge your friends or colleagues with the riddle of these numbers that seem incomprehensible to you.

We warn you: only a few people are able to solve this riddle, so don’t Don’t get discouraged if you can’t solve it. We also attached the solution but don’t cheat, read it only after you try to answer!

What is the answer:

As you can see from the attached image at the top of the page, today’s challenges include a series of ties which, at first sight, seem insane. Of course, the logic is there in the minds of the creators of the puzzle and it’s really up to you to figure it out!

Many people give up before they get to the solution, so if you don’t feel ready, try looking at the picture and try your luck giving your answer. But only if you have used your intellect and mathematical skills well will you arrive at the solution! If the solution does not display correctly click on see the original article below.

Do not despair however, to reward your good will, we have attached the correct answer below below, run to read and find out if you’re a math whiz!

Here’s the answer

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