How much exercise per day should you do to lose weight? Is half an hour enough?

Despite a healthy diet, you are unable to lose weight and you are aware that exercise and diet combined are the best alternative. So even if exercise hasn’t been your passion until now, you know that if you want to lose weight, you have to get into it. But how much time should you dedicate to exercise? Is half an hour of activity a day enough?

All the factors that play a role in weight loss

The first thing that experts point out is that weight loss depends on a lot of factors. Júlia Ndocky Ribas, personal trainer and technician in the physical activity department of the Spanish Metropolitan Sports Center, explains:

“Diet, rest and physical activity are three of the main pillars. Also, because everyone’s metabolism is different, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. What should be clear is that there is no magic moment when you “burn more fat”. Success will be achieved by playing with volume and intensity variables. Low intensity sessions of longer duration (50-90 minutes or more) and high intensity sessions intensity of shorter duration (25-30 minutes) combined will be the best option to reach the goal”.

Half an hour of daily activity would be sufficient. As long as we take into account the level and intensity with which we work. Expert insists that, as always, 60% of weight loss is due to what we eat, with the key being burning more calories than we do consume it. But, in any case, devoting 30 minutes a day to fitness seems to be a goal more within reach of almost everyone and easier to achieve. integrate into the daily routine.

Exercises to help lose weight

What are the activities that can help us lose weight? Julia Júlia Ndocky Ribas says: “Low intensity activities can be part of our daily activities or sports: walking, climbing stairs, swimming, running at low or medium intensity, riding an elliptical or cycling. High-intensity activities are hardly a part of our daily lives unless we do physical work. These are usually sports activities that we practice in the gym or in sports centers.

Most importantly, the exercise must be accompanied by a calorie deficit. For this, we recommend the professional advice of a dietitian-nutritionist. “In the process of weight loss, the first effects are usually due to the reduction of water and glycogen stores. It is from the third or fourth week, maintaining this deficit, that we begin to reduce fat, ”explains the expert.

It is important to keep in mind mind that longer sessions will serve as the basis for optimizing and improving fat loss mechanisms. Those of higher intensity, on the other hand, to optimize and improve carbohydrate or protein mechanisms.

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