How to burn more fat at the office than by playing sports?

The simple act of standing more often instead of sitting could help keep us healthy. Standing does indeed improve blood cholesterol, fat and sugar levels.

Spending more time standing and walking may also have an additional beneficial effect on waist circumference and body mass index (BMI), adds research published in the European Heart Journal.

Numerous studies have shown that physical activity reduces total mortality, accidents and cardiovascular mortality , type 2 diabetes (the most common), obesity and several cancers.

But the fight against a sedentary lifestyle cannot be reduced to recommending regular exercise. It is also important to promote non-sedentary behaviors in everyday life.

Burning more calories at the office than playing sports

A person who walks for two hours to work, stands for another four hours, and does one more hour of daily chores at home burns more calories than running for one hour.

In the company, there would be a real interest in providing employees with treadmills and adaptable desks allowing them to work standing or sitting.

A reduction cholesterol, triglycerides, waist circumference and BMI

Australian researchers have equipped activity recorders men and women, aged from 11 to 80 years, to determine precisely how much time each person spent sleeping, walking or running and remained sitting, lying or standing.

A decrease in fats blood levels (triglycerides) and an increase in “good” cholesterol were observed with a reduction in the time spent sitting. The reduction in waist circumference and BMI is only significant with walking or running, note the authors.

By replacing two hours of sitting each day with walking, waist circumference decreases on average by about 7.5 cm and BMI by 11%. In Europe, adults, who are now very sedentary, report on average sitting between 3.2 and 6.8 hours a day, according to the study.

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