Insecticides that do not harm your health

Between insecticide bombs, plugs and other repellent products against insects, have you ever said that if these products were harmful for these little animals, they could also be harmful for you because of their chemical compounds? Here are some alternative solutions to eliminate pests without harming your health.

According to an INSERM study, a child frequently exposed to household insecticides used on plants, in the house or in anti-lice shampoos runs a risk twice as great as another child of developing childhood leukemia.

However, in this summer period when the insects are out, we tend to draw insecticides faster than our shadow. What are the solutions so as not to have to suffer from all the volatile organic compounds they contain?

No stagnant water near the habitat

First of all, adopt a few simple reflexes: if the light is on in a room, then the windows must be closed, which avoids attracting flying insects such as mosquitoes or moths . Have plants that keep them away, such as lemongrass geranium. On the garden side, to eliminate slugs, beer cut with a little water in a cup is enough to attract them: by coming to taste this beverage they love, they will drown in it.

Ladybugs and spiders: auxiliaries to pamper

Trust other small animals: if you come across a spider, do not necessarily crush it: it it is she who will get rid of other small pests, quite simply by letting the food chain take its course. Just as a few ladybugs released in your roses will reduce aphids to nothing: they are even sometimes sold in garden centers.

Organic solutions

If despite everything you want to use products, know that there is an organic version. Instead of using chemical molecules, which are sometimes harmful to us and which insects can get used to, they use compounds based on plant extracts and potassium which coat the insect and asphyxiate or dry it out. The Penn’ty bio site, for example, offers insecticides of all kinds (for the home, plants or garden) for sale by mail order. Question mosquitoes, these same sites also offer repellent bracelets that can even be worn by pregnant women and babies over three months. It’s up to you to see what suits you best.

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