The Stomach Vacuum is all the rage on TikTok, but can it really strengthen abs

No, you don’t need to do hundreds of sit-ups and sit-ups to strengthen your core muscles. But is the Stomach Vacuum exercise that is all the rage on the internet really the miracle abdominal muscle-building tool that its proponents claim to be?

The exercise, which went viral on the TikTok video-sharing platform, has been viewed over 32,8 million times . This is an isometric exercise that can help build abdominal strength and relieve lower back pain if done regularly. It can reduce the risk of lower back injury, help with postural control and stability of the spine and pelvis, and control and strengthen abdominal muscles “on command”. Is this trick to strengthening abs worth adding to your routine, and is it safe? Here’s what you need to know.

What is stomach aspiration?

In his viral video on TikTok, Brennecke details the exercise, explaining that it works the transversus abdominis, the deep band of abdominal muscles that wraps around the torso between the ribs and the pelvis. The transversus abdominis muscle acts somewhat like a corset that wraps around the body and when strengthened can make the waist appear a little thinner.

In his demonstration, Ms. Brennecke gives the following instructions for performing the exercise:

Do this exercise on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning.

Begin by leaning forward. Eventually you will be able to perform a vertical belly vacuum.

Exhale all the air from your lungs while pulling your belly button towards your spine. “Imagine stepping into a cold lake or pool and the water touching your belly.”

Hold this position for about 10 to seconds (possibly adding more time as and as you perfect the exercise) then release.

Repeat the exercise five times, three to four times a week.

She adds that this technique is used in physiotherapy and that it is “safe, effective and backed by extensive research”.

What the Experts Say About Stomach Vacuum Exercise

Despite its recent resurgence in popularity, this exercise is nothing new. People have been doing this type of breathing exercise for hundreds of years, especially in the practice of kundalini yoga. It’s also part of qigong, a Chinese medicine practice that uses deep breathing to optimize health.

It’s no wonder this exercise has caught the eye thanks to a new name more eye-catching and promises a shortcut to getting flat abs. And it’s an attractive alternative to traditional abdominal exercises. Many people don’t want to stick to sit-ups or sit-ups. This exercise may seem less strenuous for some people.

This exercise, which targets the core abdominal muscles and uses isometric techniques, can indeed help improve posture and core strength, especially the central muscles of the abdominal wall. It can work like any exercise. [But be consistent and don’t overdo it.

This exercise probably isn’t an instant fix for losing belly fat and slimming your waistline. Although it builds abdominal muscles, if you want to burn belly fat, you need to do isolated tummy-tightening exercises like crunches or sit-ups. By doing this, you are actually stimulating your stomach muscles.

Who should try (and who should avoid) the Stomach Vacuum exercise?

In most cases, abdominal depression is completely safe. If you’re short of breath or in pain, he advises you to stop.

People who should avoid this move altogether? Anyone with an abdominal wall hernia. People with serious back problems, such as a herniated disc, or neck should also consider avoiding this move, as it may throw your body even further out of alignment. People don’t realize that when they do this exercise they unconsciously lift their shoulders which puts pressure on the neck and creates more tension.

What is the final word on the Stomach Vacuum?

Like many viral TikTok trends promising a shortcut, the Stomach Vacuum is perhaps a little overrated. Keep in mind that many of the influencers who insinuate this movement is responsible for their toned and tight stomach probably also do a lot of other exercises and eat a healthy diet.

So, if l While adding this exercise to your morning routine can have health benefits, don’t expect your waistline to miraculously shrink overnight. After all, if getting flat abs were as simple as taking a few deep breaths each day, trainers wouldn’t subject their clients to grueling abdominal exercises like sit-ups, sit-ups, planks, and cycling.

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