Weight loss: 5 infallible daily tips to lose weight

It is not always enough to follow a diet to lose weight. Apart from food, a change of habit can effectively help you achieve your goals and maintain your figure. In fact, if you’re fighting calories but still keep sweets or cupcakes handy or go to the supermarket hungry, you’ll find it harder to resist the temptation to snack.

Here are 5 simple tips that work if you have decided to lose weight.

  1. Get enough sleep

Many studies show that lack of sleep promotes weight gain. Lack of sleep has, in fact, become a bad habit more and more rooted in modern society and yet it seems to be the cause of increased weight gain.

C This is shown by a study published in the Revue de l’Université de Moncton. Another study conducted on 49 50 subjects published by the National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance corroborates these results and reveals that in subjects sleeping 6 hours or less, the risk of obesity is increased by 49 % for women and 50 % for men. This study confirms that there is a significant link between sleep and weight gain.

  1. Drink a lot

We don’t think about it often and yet drinking enough helps to lose weight. A misinterpretation of the body’s needs can easily lead to eating when it is a lack of hydration and in reality we are thirsty. This confusion is due to the fact that the signal sent by the brain is the same whether it is hunger or thirst.

A study conducted by researchers in Virginia also showed that people who drank clean water before eating a meal consumed fewer calories. According to prof. Brenda Davy, lead author of the Virginia Tech study, water is effective for weight loss because it fills the stomach with calorie-free liquid. She adds that drinking more water and less sugary, high-calorie drinks could be a simple way to better manage weight.

  1. Eat at a regular time and not late at night

Making sure you eat at the same time every day helps you not gain weight since your body adapts to a regular rhythm and the digestion mechanism becomes more efficient. If, on the contrary, you do not respect the time of your daily meals or if you skip a meal, the urge to snack will be increased, which does not help you lose weight at all. Similarly, expecting to be too hungry prompts you to eat more than usual and consume more calories.

Eating later in the day may also be associated with body mass index higher as well as a higher body fat percentage. According to the researchers, people who ate later in the day also slept later, which may be associated with shorter and insufficient sleep.

  1. Hide sweets and alcohol

Whether you follow a diet or not, the overconsumption of sugar promotes overweight. To lose weight more effectively, avoid excess sugar with a few good habits. First of all, the WHO recommends a maximum dose of approximately 25g of sugar per day, that is, about 6 teaspoons. This is the average requirement of an adult whose activity is moderate.

It will then be necessary to try to balance this dose according to the energy expended on a daily basis. If you want to succeed in your slimming goal, don’t just focus on reducing the sugar you eat, also think about avoiding any risk of temptation. To do this, hide sweets, cupcakes, ice cream and alcohol so that they are not too easily accessible as soon as you feel the slightest lack of sugar.

De even if you want to eat a sweet food, favor fruits and vegetables, for example a stick of raw carrot or a fruit as a snack. Attention ! Sugar is present in the most unsuspected foods such as pasta, rice or certain industrialized savory dishes.

  1. Go to the supermarket with a full belly
  2. We don’t think about it often and yet this simple habit contributes effectively to chasing excess weight. Preferably, avoid shopping at the supermarket, as there are many temptations there.

    Prefer the market, but when you really have to go to the supermarket, choose a time when you are well satisfied . This will prevent you from taking foods and products that are not favorable to your plan to lose weight.

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