Weight, Mood, Skin: The Benefits of Drinking Water in the Morning

Drinking water is very important for many bodily processes. These include transporting nutrients to cells, regulating body temperature, and lubricating joints. If a person replaces their usual morning beverage with water, they could experience several health benefits associated with increased water intake. This article explores these benefits and the scientific evidence that exists for each.

1. To lose weight

Some people believe that drinking water in the morning can help with weight loss. For example, a study by 2019 found that higher fluid intake was linked to better body composition in young adults. Before major meals, including breakfast An older study by 500 found that middle-aged and older adults lost more weight when they drank 500 milliliters (ml) of water before each meal for weeks .

The researchers attributed this weight loss in part to the decrease in energy intake from meals in participants who drank water. This means that they consumed less food than people who did not drink water before meals.


Thermogenesis is the production of heat. When a person drinks cold water, thermogenesis occurs to warm the water entering the body, which burns calories. An older study dating from 500 focused on the water consumption of 50 women, whose body mass index was between 25 and 29,9, as well as on a nutritious diet. She revealed that their body weight decreased after they increased their water intake to 500 ml, three times a day, for 8 weeks. Participants drank the water before breakfast, lunch and dinner. The researchers attributed the weight loss to water-induced thermogenesis.

2. For mental performance

Water can impact cognition and mental performance, even minor dehydration can have negative effects on cognition, according to a study by 2016.

A review by 2019 examined the effect of hydration on cognitive performance. She found that there was a trend for improved mental performance in hydrated study participants. However, the researchers noted that the results were not statistically significant. Additionally, study participants drank water throughout the day. This may suggest that hydration throughout the day may be necessary for better mental performance rather than just drinking water in the morning.

Another study by 2019 on male college students found that dehydration had negative effects on short-term memory and attention. Short-term memory and attention improved once participants rehydrated again. Therefore, if a person wants to increase their mental performance, specifically in the morning, drinking water can help.

3. Boost mood

Drinking water can also have positive effects on mood. A study by 2014 found that people who usually drank low volumes of water had better moods when they increased their water consumption. The same research found that when people, who usually drank large volumes of water, decreased their water intake, they experienced more thirst, decreased satisfaction, and reduced calm and positive emotions. A study by 2019T also found that dehydration negatively affected mood, while rehydration improved mood and symptoms of fatigue.

With this in mind, a person may wish to drink water throughout the day to experience prolonged positive effects on their mood.

4. For the skin

Some people believe that an increase in fluid intake can improve the appearance and health of the skin. The skin contains approximately 29% water, which helps the skin to remain plump, thus improving its elasticity and resilience. An older study from 2015 found that increased water intake may have a positive effect on physiology of the skin, it appeared more hydrated, especially in participants who usually drank less water. A review by 2015 found that increasing water intake can improve hydration of the outer layer of the skin. However, the researchers noted that it was unclear whether this would benefit older people.

However, even adequate skin hydration may not be enough to prevent wrinkles or compensate for the effects of the sun, genetics or the environment.

Drink water throughout the day may therefore help a person moisturize their skin, but they may not notice significant changes in their appearance.

5. For other bodily functions

Adequate water intake is also important for many bodily functions.

– Kidneys: Drinking water can help the kidneys eliminate waste water from the body.

– Urinary system: increased fluid intake can prevent urolithiasis, which occurs when stones are present in the urinary tract.

– Cardiovascular system: people need adequate fluid intake for the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. Dehydration and inadequate fluid intake negatively affected blood pressure regulation and vascular function.

– Joints and Bones: The Water is a component of the lubricating fluid around joints, which may help relieve joint pain.


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