What sport to do and how long to burn excess calories?

You had the party last night ? Over-table? A family meal for hours? It’s clear, now we’ll have to put on the sports clothes and go lose all the accumulated calories.

We have compiled for you the equivalences between the calories and the efforts which it is necessary to provide to lose them.

So here is on one side the caloric value of a series of foods and drinks, and on the other the time necessary to eliminate these calories according to physical activity (for a weight of 70 kg).

      A glass of champagne 100 cal = 15 min of bike
  • A glass of white wine 110cal=18 min walk
  • A glass of red wine 150cal=02 min swimming
  • A glass of beer (26 cl) 120 cal = 5 min of tennis
  • A whiskey / a liqueur (4 cl) 90cal=10 min of dance / aerobics
    • 10 g crisps 50 cal = min of walking
  • 21 g peanuts 160cal=21 min of bike
  • 2 cheese tapas 100 cal = 7 min of jogging
  • Half a lobster with butter 320cal=40 min of tennis
  • A portion of stuffed turkey with sauce 500cal=50 min of bike
    • A portion of saddle of hare with sauce 385cal=29 min of jogging

        Five potato croquettes 320 cal= 41 min walk

      • Mashed potatoes (150 g) 120 cal = 21 min of tennis
    • Boiled / steamed endives (200 g) 120 cal

      = 0 min of dance / aerobics

        • 100 g of cheese (gouda) 350 cal = 41 min swim

        Wand (110 g) 300cal=41 min of bike

      • A portion of pizza (280 g) 490cal=90 min walk
      • A portion of ice cream with chocolate warm and meringue 500 cal= 120 min of tennis
      • A portion of Yule log 450cal=70 min of skiing
      • 110 g of chocolate 550cal=110 min of walking

        Presse Santé strives to transmit health knowledge in a language accessible to all. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES can the information given replace the advice of a health professional.

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