Which Early Childhood Career Is Right For Me?

Crèche agent

The crèche agent takes care of children up to 3 years old. He can work in a collective, family or parental crèche. His primary role is of course to ensure the safety of the child and to watch over him. He must also provide her with hygiene care and meet her needs. He may also be called upon to organize early learning games and activities adapted to the age of the children in his care.

The crèche being the stage which precedes the n nursery school, the role of the crèche assistant is to allow the child to socialize. The objective is indeed to allow him to be comfortable when he enters school. Exercising this profession therefore requires being patient and attentive. The agent must demonstrate great vigilance and pedagogy. Working with children also requires energy because it can sometimes be necessary to have a less comfortable posture.

To train you in this profession, you can take the small CAP training childhood of the French School in order to acquire all the qualities and skills necessary to work with children.

Childcare assistant

Actions carried out by the childcare assistant may vary depending on the structure in which it is located. He can, for example, operate in a hospital environment, in a nursery or even in a maternity hospital. It ensures the well-being of newborns and can therefore be of great help to midwives and nurses.

In structures that welcome young children, the he childcare assistant is very often in contact with the parents, whom he must keep informed of the progress of their child. He must therefore be constantly attentive to the awakening of the children in his care. They will also sometimes be called upon to advise them when they encounter certain difficulties, but also to reassure them if necessary.

Assistant and childminder

The maternal assistant is responsible for looking after and caring for children in his place of residence during the day. This is why parents often call on them, in particular to be able to go to work. The maternal assistants are therefore responsible for watching over the child, preparing his meals, changing his diaper and putting him to a nap. This is a job that requires a lot of attention in order to ensure the safety of the child. The particularity of the conditions of exercise of this profession establishes a strong proximity with the parents who obviously wish to be kept informed of the evolution of their child.

Territorial agent specialized in nursery schools

In collaboration with the mistress or with the school teacher, the agent follows up with the children throughout their day. He is responsible for organizing and supervising activities and manual work. The latter therefore participates in the entertainment of children. Also present at mealtimes, his role is to ensure that they run smoothly and that hygiene rules are respected. Nursery school is the place where children really begin to familiarize themselves with the system of life in society. The intervention of the agent is therefore very important in the context of this learning.

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