You should never leave a glass of water near your bed when you sleep.

The excuse they most often use is: “In case I get thirsty at night” or “To have a glass of water handy when I wake up to drink”. However, that’s a mistake.

Have you ever wondered if you could really leave a glass of water next to your bed all night? Well, the answer to that question is no, and there are several reasons for that. If you want to keep water handy, it’s best to use a container that you can seal tightly, preferably a bottle that you can close. We explain why below.

Don’t keep your glass of water near your bed.

Next to your bed, there must be a bedside table, on which you must have a lamp, a book, a clock, an outlet where the phone charger is plugged in, etc. . And in the middle of it all, you still put a glass of water on your bedside table. It is best to leave glasses in the kitchen, as a glass of water in your bedroom can be dangerous to your safety and health. But what’s the worst that can happen?

The 3 reasons why you shouldn’t leave a glass of water anywhere in your bedroom

– Hygiene

– Safety and prevention

– Rest and peace of mind

Hygiene: contamination of water by bacteria, germs, viruses and the taste of water are all reasons why we should give up this habit, regardless of how it plays on safety to avoid a short circuit which can cause a fire and do a lot of damage. Let’s look at the risks in more detail.

Dirt in the water: insects, dust, etc.

Leaving a glass of water uncovered next to the bed inevitably leads to the accumulation of a lot of dust on the surface of the bedside table. Not to mention the number of insects that can be trapped in the glass. For example: mosquitoes.

Change in the taste of water.

If you leave a glass of water uncovered all night, you will notice that the taste is not the same, because if it is left uncovered for a long time, its taste is altered. Whether it is drinking water or tap water, the taste may vary due to the absorption of carbon dioxide from the air or the evaporation of certain substances.

Presence of bacteria and germs on the glass of water.

When you take a sip from a glass of water and leave it for drink it again later, you give your body a lot of bacteria to drink. Imagine how much they reproduced all night while you slept. Also, these germs or bacteria can make your body sick.

Cause short circuits in electrical outlets.

Next to your bedside table, there is usually an electrical outlet. Therefore, leaving a glass of water in this place is very dangerous, because sometimes at night we make movements that we do not control, and this can cause the glass of water to turn over the wires and cause a short- circuit.

Failing to rest properly.

Drinking too much or too little water on the evening before going to bed is not good for the quality of rest, because it can cause unnecessary nocturnal awakenings to go and evacuate the bladder, which is not good because it alters the hours of sleep and causes exhaustion in the morning .

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