Over 60,000 Ford Bronco and Ranger SUVs recalled over safety concerns

Ford Motor Company has reportedly recalled around 63,294 units of the 2022 Bronco as well as Ranger SUVs in the United States over concerns that the windshield of these vehicles could fall out during a crash. The recall involves around 39,063 and 24,231 Bronco and Ranger units, respectively.

The automotive giant claimed that the windshield issue is occurring due to inadequate urethane adhesion in the glass, which could eventually lead to increased water leaks or wind noise, with the panel even potentially falling out during a crash.

The Bronco and Ranger SUV units that have been recalled were built between December 2021 through April 2022. It appears that Ford first found out about the defect after reviewing a Bronco customer report, which showed a lack of adhesive on the windshield.

The automaker’s Critical Concern Review Group then investigated and discovered that 65 inspected vehicles had improper adhesion, with an additional probe finding 16 more affected Broncos. Ford then reviewed this issue in its Ranger line up given that the two models are known to have a similar windshield installation process.

An initial investigation found that 14 inspected vehicles had inadequate adhesion, while an expanded probe revealed that there were more vehicles with this issue. Ford claims the cause of this defect is yet to be known and is not aware of any accidents or injuries that might have happened.

The company is expected to issue notifications to the affected vehicle owners from July 11th, with even dealers being asked to remove and reinstall the windshield through a method that enhances body adhesion.

In similar developments, at least 59,000 vehicles of the Tesla Model 3 and Y units have been recalled by Germany’s road traffic agency after discovering a software glitch that could fail to notify emergency responders during a road mishap.

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